Our Land

Chalk has created our landscape and shapes our farm. Dig down anywhere and we find solid chalk. Grass and trees love it.

Each of our fields is surrounded by narrow strips of semi ancient woodland made up of mature oak and ash trees standing tall over an understory of hazel and field maple. Bluebells and ramsons (wild garlic) are everywhere.

On the north boundary of the farm runs Sound Bottom. This is the ancient road from Bath to London and it runs alongside a 7 acre piece of chalk down land that has never been ploughed. This is a hugely precious resource, over 150 plants have been recorded on it and in the early summer cowslips, orchids and scabious are abundant.

Elsewhere we use our airy south facing aspect for the cows to graze on long established grass leys that the cows love. Drainage is good because of the chalk. In certain fields we have planted modern grasses and clovers that produce the silage and hay we use in the winter. The woods shelter the herd from the winds in any direction.

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