Our Hampshires

We decided in 2012 to keep a pedigree flock of sheep and selected the Hampshire Breed.

These are to me the perfect sheep in the public’s eye – they really look like sheep should! They are also very good at adding value to commercial flocks so our aim is to build our flock to 40 sheep and sell some rams each year and a few surplus ewes.

Our flock came from the oldest flock in the country – The Cholderton Estate

Our flock will be registered with high health status under the SAC

Our lamb will be sold to the local butcher from the middle of the summer to Christmas – Andrews Butchers in Marlborough, Wiltshire telephone 01672 519 915. Please ask for Grove Farm Lamb.

The Stitchcombe Flock

Our flock has prefix Stitchcombe registered number A19 with flockmark UK 331925

We are currently being tested for accreditation for Scrapie and Maedi Vista under the Premium Sheep and Goat Scheme from SAC.

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