Pig Butchery

Each year we get together with friends and spend a weekend butchering some Tamworth pigs from a famous farm in Wiltshire, Boyton Ginger Piggery

We make sausages and salami and palma type hams. This is great fun and we often get asked if people can join us. Well now we have a website we can test demand for this. If you are interested in spending a day with us which is hard work and you want to learn to butcher a pig and how to make it taste delicious please get in touch. We intend you would go away with half a pig in the form of chops and loin and sausages and salami and a ham. For this we would charge £270. Books and DVDs would be extra. We cannot guarantee we will do this as it will need some investment from us but if enough interest is shown we might.

Meantime River Cottage do this and I can recommend their pig in a day course. You will only go away with a few sausages and you will not butcher the pig yourself but it is fun and you will learn a lot.

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